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Make the most out of your patio area with a propane-powered patio heater. With a wide selection of compact designs that don’t require an outlet, you can find the perfect option to cozy up any space. Choose from a variety of styles to fit your outdoor area, including sleek, modern devices or something totally unique. No matter the weather, propane patio heaters give you an excuse to enjoy more time on your patio.

get warm in style

Propane heaters come in every shape and style, and you’re sure to find an option that matches your other outdoor decor and complements your home exterior.

bring on the warmth

Anyone who has stood next to a propane patio heater knows they don’t skimp on heat output. Propane patio heaters are proven to raise the outdoor air temperature up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit — that’s warmth you’ll be sure to notice. And because they emit a circle of radiant heat up to 25 feet in diameter, one heater can warm up an entire small patio or deck with the flip of a switch.

How It Works

With patio heaters, you have the option of choosing a permanent or portable option. A common permanent solution is a remote-controlled, ceiling-mounted heater that stays out of the way while warming your space to a comfortable temperature. Portable patio heaters are also very common, easy to set up yourself, and are powered by a portable propane tank. In fact, one 20-pound propane tank can power a patio heater up to 10 hours.

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