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Flame weeding is perfect for organic farmers who can’t use traditional herbicides, or any producer who want to reduce their herbicide use. It works by using intense heat to rupture plant cells, causing the weed to wither and die. Flame weed control can be used in a variety of weather conditions and growth stages, and it allows farmers to return to the field immediately after treatment.

Propane's Uses In Agriculture

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does propane flame weed control work?

During flame weeding, propane-powered burners expose weed plant tissues to high levels of heat that rapidly change the internal temperature of plant cells and cause plant cells to rupture. The resulting loss of water and denaturing of proteins drastically reduces the weed’s ability to survive, which then kills the plant.

How effective is propane flame weed control compared with using herbicides?

Propane-powered flame weed control is growing in popularity because it is an environmentally friendly alternative to herbicides that is equally effective. It is a great weed control solution for the growing number of organic farmers, as well as an alternative for others interested in reducing herbicide use, or tackling herbicide resistant weeds.

How can I fit propane flame weeding into my crop production schedule?

Flame weed control can be used in a variety of weather conditions and growth stages, and it allows farmers to return to the field immediately after treatment. Propane flame weeding can easily fit into any crop production schedule.

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