More than a guidepost for fulfilling of its functions under federal law, this strategic plan represents PERC’s vision for the future. It envisions PERC as an organization that aspires to support propane businesses, which fund PERC, in their objective to expand the safe, efficient use of propane and to do so in ways that advance consumers’ interest in clean, affordable energy.

The plan serves PERC’s fiduciary responsibility by providing guidance to Council members to aid in resource allocation beyond the annual budget process. It introduces and makes an initial effort at the recalibration of PERC’s investments and rebalancing programmatic priorities. More important, the plan offers clear objectives that stakeholders can use to evaluate PERC’s performance.

This plan was developed in large part by volunteers from the Council, the Advisory Committee, and the industry. Their efforts were supported by the PERC staff.

Download the 2023-2025 Strategic Plan