Clothes Drying

Propane-Powered Clothes Dryer

Whether it's for residential or commercial purposes, a propane-powered clothes dryer will get the job done faster and with fewer wrinkles. Additionally, propane clothes dryers are more cost efficient and with some states even offering rebates for home appliances. Furthermore, propane dryers are packed with high-performance features like steam cycles to de-wrinkle and freshen garments and drum lights to make it easier to see into the unit. All of these features can be found on an LCD control screen for ease of use, and other time saving features. For more information, please review the resources below.

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Residential Clothes Dryers
Facts about propane clothes dryers and the advantages over other energy options.
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Commercial Clothes Dryers
Facts about commercial propane clothes dryers and the advantages over electric options.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I save money with a propane clothes dryer?

Yes. Propane clothes dryers can save over 20 percent in energy costs compared with electric dryers. The efficiency and cost benefits are created by the propane dryer’s higher heating capacity, shorter cycle times, and features like pilotless ignition.

What kind of energy bills can I expect from a propane clothes dryer?

Propane clothes dryers will generally cost around $40 to $80 per year to operate. This range will vary based on local propane rates, how often the dryer is used, and how well it is maintained.

Do propane clothes dryers include upgraded features like other models?

Yes. Propane clothes dryers offer the latest innovations such as steam cycles to de-wrinkle and freshen garments, drum lights to better see into the unit, and LCD control screens for ease of use.

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