With the Tech School Grant Program, you can earn extra funding to give students enhanced, real-world experience with propane, and better prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow. Through this program, you can receive up to $10,000 of grant money by incorporating a provided curriculum into your program, and completing a few other requirements like acquiring specific propane tools and equipment that will take hands-on learning to new heights.


Add the HVAC And Plumber Technical Training course to your program for a professionally developed study of propane topics. Each course includes videos, quizzes, instructor material, and more.

Tools & Equipment

Get funding for advanced tools that help students learn about propane in a hands-on way, including propane regulator tests, propane hydrometers, and pressure regulating devices.


Grant funds help you acquire propane appliances so students can get a closer look at water heaters, furnaces, boilers, and more.

Program Requirements

Up to $10,000

Requirements Overview

To qualify for a grant, schools must:

  • Incorporate the HVAC and Plumber Technical Training course into instruction
  • Appoint a Propane Advisor
  • Encourage students to seek certification through PERC’s Learning Center
  • Purchase the required propane tools, supplies, and appliances (outlined below)

Curriculum: HVAC and Plumber Technical Training

This advanced one to two week course takes a deeper dive into trade-specific topics, with included lab time that allows students to get even more hands-on experience.

Required Tools, Supplies, and Appliances

  • Propane Regulator Test and Demo Training Board: Includes a 2-stage system, and integral 2-stage regulator, and an integral 2 psi regulator with an appliance regulator. The system must be able to demonstrate 3 different types of leak checks, flow and lockup of each regulator in the system, and be able to demonstrate undersized gas piping and/or regulator issues. The supply source can be compressed air or other inert gas.
  • Propane Regulator Cutaway: Either an integral 2-stage or a 2nd stage
  • Pressure Measuring Devices: Water manometer with range up to 16″ w.c., 0-300 psi gauge and a 0-30 psi gauge
  • Liquid Leak Detector Solution
  • Gas Pipe, Tubing and Fittings Samples: Black iron pipe, copper tubing and CSST with bonding clamp
  • Propane Hydrometer and Supply Source Cylinder: With proper hose and fittings for liquid transfer outside of a building
  • Propane Gas Appliance: On-demand water heater or furnace, and propane supply tank or cylinder
  • Natural Draft Propane Appliance: Tank water heater, vented fireplace, or space heater
  • Category III Propane Appliance: Central heating or boiler
  • Category IV Propane Appliance: Forced warm air furnace
  • Venting Components: Single wall pipe, double wall B-vent pipe, stainless steel pipe, PVC or other category IV vent pipe material

Curriculum Table of Contents

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