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Now You're Cooking With Gas

Fryers. Pasta cookers. Broilers. Pizza ovens. If there's a job to do in the kitchen, propane can handle it. No need to sacrifice the style of your kitchen, either. Propane kitchen appliances offer modern designs, and a variety of sizes, to fit the biggest commercial kitchens, the smallest galley kitchens, and every size in between. Keep exploring to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do commercial propane kitchen appliances last?

Propane cooking equipment typically lasts eight years or more, which generally outpaces electric counterparts.

I want a modern kitchen, are there propane appliances available that will fit with my design?

Yes. Propane can provide a sharp design for any kitchen from starter homes to high-end custom homes and remodels. Browse different design options using the largest directory of propane products.

How much propane is needed to operate a propane range or oven?

A general estimate for propane use in the kitchen is 40 to 60 gallons per year.

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