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Liquified petroleum gas (LPG) allows forklifts to operate much cleaner than diesel and perform at 100 percent power throughout operation. LPG engines can also last up to twice as long as gasoline engines, reducing overall maintenance costs.

Electric Forklifts Vs Propane Forklifts

Unlike electric forklifts, propane forklifts don’t lose power throughout the workday, and a fast, easy cylinder change gets them back in business quickly. You don’t spend hours recharging. Electric forklifts also depend on electricity from the grid during the production process of batteries, contributing to significant greenhouse gas emissions.


And unlike diesel models, you can safely use your propane forklift indoors and outdoors. Propane is a cleaner energy source compared with diesel, keeping personnel and workspaces healthier with better air quality. Using diesel indoors produces particulate matter and gases that require ventilation or open-air structures.itionally, propane-powered forklifts have an easy refueling process and provide optimum performance with less downtime for maintenance and repairs compared with diesel. Keep exploring to learn more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can propane-powered forklifts be used indoors?

Yes. Propane forklifts meet or exceed nationwide indoor air quality standards making them a great material handling solution for indoor facilities.

How will implementing propane forklifts affect my bottom line?

Propane forklifts are less expensive at acquisition than forklifts powered by other fuel sources and don’t accrue the costly expenses of maintaining Tier 4 standards or keeping batteries charged. Propane forklifts positively impact your bottom line from the get-go and continue making a difference throughout their life.

When it comes to emissions, where do propane forklifts stack up against forklifts powered by other fuels?

Compared with gasoline forklifts, propane forklifts reduce SOx emissions by 15 percent, NOx emissions by 17 percent, and greenhouse gas emissions by 16 percent. Also, when you consider the site-to-source emissions that result from bringing electric forklifts to market, propane forklifts reduce SOx emissions by 76 percent.

Which brands offer propane-powered forklifts?

Propane-powered forklifts are available from a large list of manufacturers that you already trust like CAT, Toyota, and Yale to name a few. You can view the full list of providers on this page.

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