Proven Reliability That Doesn't Fade

Propane forklifts provide 100 percent power throughout operation, with one cylinder covering an entire eight-hour shift. The fading power of electric forklifts makes your employees less productive through the day.

Proven Reliability That Doesn't Fade

In the long term, propane cylinders are a smarter choice than electric batteries. Cylinders can last up to 30 years with requalified use, but batteries only perform a few hours per charge and are only practical for infrequent use.

Better Savings in the Long Term

The capital costs of propane forklifts are almost 30 percent lower than those for electric, when factoring in required refueling and recharging—allowing you to save more for other line items like new employees, or business development.

Better Savings in the Long Term

Propane cylinders also last three times longer than batteries, and their lifespan isn’t affected by the amount of fuel left in the tank. A forklift battery with too high or low of a charge can have a much shorter lifespan.

Clean, Safe Operation Indoors

Propane forklifts reduce SOx emissions by 76 percent versus electric, and NOx and hydrocarbon emissions by 94 percent versus diesel. It’s not only better for the environment, but protects your employees from harmful toxins.

Clean, Safe Operation Indoors

In fact, well-maintained propane forklifts meet or exceed nationwide indoor air quality standards.

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Indoor Air Quality Video

Ten facts from the Propane Education & Research Council about indoor air quality.

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