Stay Safe While Working Hard

When working with forklifts, the only thing more important than staying productive is staying safe. Here are some important reminders when working with forklifts.

  • Ensure the pressure relief valve on propane cylinders is secure and pointing away from the locating pin prior to operation.
  • Always wear a seatbelt while operating a forklift.
  • Stop the forklift before raising or lowering the forks.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the edge of ramps to prevent dangerous tip-over. When descending a ramp with a loaded forklift, always travel in reverse with the forklift and payload pointed up the grade. When traveling up a ramp with an unloaded forklift, always keep the forks pointed downgrade.
  • Slow down and sound the horn when approaching areas where your visibility is blocked.
  • Follow safety procedures when finished with a job: Lower the forks and set the controls to neutral.
  • Close service valves on cylinders when they’re not in use.
  • Properly store cylinders in their secure rack.

How Your Propane Supplier Keeps You Safe

Did you know the propane industry has dedicated procedures to support your safety?

  • Cylinders: Suppliers inspect cylinders each time they’re exchanged and remove damaged cylinders from service. It’s also a chance for suppliers to repair and replace leaky valves and O-rings on the cylinders as needed. Your supplier can help you identify the most convenient location for your cylinder cages so they don’t interfere with workflow.
  • Refueling: Your propane supplier’s priority is making sure your entire team understands how to install propane cylinders on their forklifts safely. When you choose to use propane forklifts, you can also opt for a cylinder exchange program, where your propane supplier conveniently refills the cylinders for you.
  • Training: Some propane suppliers offer additional safety training opportunities for forklift customers.

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