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Even a single forklift accident is too many. The Mission Zero project is supporting pros like you to stay on the path to zero forklift accidents. Get started by watching the short video below.

How Your Propane Supplier Keeps You Safe

Did you know the propane industry has dedicated procedures to support your safety?


Suppliers inspect cylinders each time they’re exchanged and remove damaged cylinders from service. It’s also a chance for suppliers to repair and replace leaky valves and O-rings on the cylinders as needed. Your supplier can help you identify the most convenient location for your cylinder cages so they don’t interfere with workflow.


When you choose propane forklifts, you have choices for refueling — both of which your propane supplier can help you navigate safely. You can choose a cylinder exchange program, where your propane supplier refills the cylinders for you. Or you can choose on-site refueling, where trained members of your team refill cylinders themselves.


Some propane suppliers offer additional safety training opportunities for forklift customers.

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