Fueling student education about careers in propane 

In order to better share with students the career opportunities that are available within the propane industry, the Propane Education & Research Council has developed classroom-ready curricula for high schools, technical schools, and community colleges, addressing two of the fastest-growing areas of opportunity — namely, agriculture and HVAC/plumbing.

Both agriculture and HVAC/plumbing offer students a variety of career paths built on education, hands-on training, and positive impact for local communities. These curricula will help students understand that not only can a career in propane be reliable and rewarding, but it can mean being part of a clean energy solution — an alternative energy source that won’t contaminate soil or groundwater, and can help reduce carbon emissions, starting today.


The future of agriculture is rooted in classrooms nationwide. That’s why we provide these free courses that make it easy for agriculture educators to teach students about the role propane plays in ag operations from coast to coast.

Download the full set of 13 lesson plans with one click, or choose from individual topics below. Every lesson includes propane-focused curriculum as well as interactive activities and sample tests.

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Overview Course

Overview Of Propane Distribution Systems For HVAC And Plumbing Professionals is a complete eight-hour block of instruction. Everything your students need to learn the basics of safely working with propane systems is included, so adding it to your curriculum is incredibly easy.

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Full Course

This 80 hour course is designed to provide current information, practices, and procedures to educate HVAC and plumbing professionals on how to design, install, test, and operate propane appliances and gas distribution systems in a safe and efficient manner.

HVAC and Plumber Technical Training Book
HVAC and Plumber Technical Training Instructor Tools

For even more information about educating students on propane career opportunities, watch the following videos: