Training A New Generation of Propane Professionals

Our goal is that plumbing and HVAC instructors and training professionals everywhere add this course to their curriculum and employee training programs. Together, we can train the next generation of professionals to work with this clean, efficient fuel.

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Easy to Add to Your Curriculum

This free, eight-hour block of instruction includes everything you need, from the instructor guide, to videos and quizzes.

Cover All the Fundamentals

Teach your students the differences between propane and natural gas, proper installation procedures, final safety checks, and more.

Make Students More Employable

The more types of plumbing and HVAC systems your students can work with, the more jobs they can take on.


Overview Of Propane Distribution Systems For HVAC And Plumbing Professionals is a complete eight-hour block of instruction. Everything your students need to learn the basics of safely working with propane systems is included, so adding it to your curriculum is incredibly easy.

Instructor Guide

Instructor Guide

The Instructor’s Guide is the master plan for the course, with detailed information about each module, and how to incorporate the other elements of the course.

Student Manual

Student Manual

Your students will be able to follow along with every block of instruction in their own student handouts. The manual is easy to read and filled with helpful illustrations and photographs to explain key concepts of working with propane.

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentation

This Powerpoint presentation is a useful visual aide, and you can use it to keep your class on the same page as you. The presentation follows along with the instructor’s guide and student manual to make teaching the material easier.

Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

These videos are a great way to show your students key concepts of working with propane, without having to ever leave your classroom. Each of the five videos explains a different aspect of working with propane or propane appliances in a clear, easy-to-understand way.

Student Quizzes

Student quizzes

As an instructor you want to ensure your students are retaining the information you’re giving them. Test their knowledge of working with propane using these quizzes. They’re designed to follow each of the blocks of instruction, for a comprehensive assessment.

Here’s What They’ll LeARN

Once your students have completed the Overview of Propane Distribution Systems for HVAC and Plumbing Professionals, they’ll have the knowledge and skills required to perform a variety of propane-related tasks:

  • Identify the sources, characteristics, and physical properties of propane.
  • Follow general propane safety information.
  • Identify the main components of a vapor distribution system and how they work together to supply adequate gas pressure to appliances.
  • Identify various code requirements for container and regulator installation.
  • Explain the effects that a gas piping stub out or side-wall vent termination may have on the propane container or regulator location.
  • Verify that propane appliances are installed in a safe and code compliant manner.
  • Determine interior gas piping requirements.
  • Explain the different vapor distribution system tests and checks, including pressure test, leak check, and regulator and system flow and lockup test.
  • Identify gas system and appliance startup requirements.

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