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Pool & Spa


Combat the elements and maximize your outdoor fun with propane pool and spa heaters. With a much higher efficiency than electric systems, propane heaters heat your pool or spa and maintain your desired temperature better. They also operate cleanly and take up little space, despite their powerful capabilities. It’s time to shake the shivers and enjoy your hard-earned backyard year-round.

start visualizing your space

If you’re in the early stages of installing a pool in your backyard, here are some common shapes that homeowners love.


extend pool season even longer

Installing, or even just maintaining, a pool isn’t cheap — so why not ensure you can use it for as much of the year as possible? Propane-powered heaters are proven to warm pools and spas more quickly than electric heat pumps, and they maintain that heat better in cold weather. You can add a powerful propane patio heater to conveniently keep the pool deck warm, too.

How to get started

You have the option to choose between in-ground and above-ground options. Talk to your local propane supplier for advice on what’s best for your type of pool and heating needs.

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