Traditional electric heat pumps struggle to deliver comfort and efficiency in cold temperatures. When the electric heat pump can’t deliver the desired indoor temperature, the unit’s backup system is engaged which typically relies on resistance heating. This increases the electric demand by three to four times, and still fails to provide consistent heat.

Recent advances in home heating equipment present an opportunity for propane providers to work with builders and homeowners to enhance the performance of electric heat pumps.

Hybrid Heat Pump Solutions

Hydronic heat pump solutions like the Heat Pump Helper™ feature hybrid technology to bring the comfort of propane to newly installed or pre-existing heat pumps. Working with an existing thermostat, an air handler module communicates to a propane tankless water heater to circulate hot water through a hydronic coil that has been installed at the air handler. The result is improved efficiency, lower operating costs, and greater comfort for homeowners.

The Benefits of Hybrid Heating Systems


Hybrid heat pump solutions deliver fast and consistent comfort, warming a home without relying on scorched, dry air from electric heat strips.


Compared to all-electric systems, hybrid heat pump solutions reduce operating costs by 35%.


Hybrid heat pump solutions are energy efficient, requiring less amperage while still improving heating performance.


For homeowners considering future additions of solar- or wind-generated power, a hybrid heat pump solution can make installation more cost-effective due to the reduced electrical peak and running loads.

Partnering Manufacturers