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Portable propane heaters and outdoor patio heaters have been growing more and more popular as restaurants, hotels, and even homeowners seek to expand their outdoor seating and living spaces. You can make sure they’re used safely by downloading our Portable Outdoor Propane Heater Safety fact sheet and sharing these important safety tips with family or co-workers.

Portable Propane Heater Safety Tips

Make sure everyone has a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience. Always follow these important safety rules when using your outdoor propane heaters or storing portable propane cylinders.

Smell Gas? Don't Light It.

Know propane’s distinct odor, and always follow manufacturer instructions for connecting a propane cylinder and lighting your portable propane heater.

Never Use Outdoor Propane Heaters Indoors.

While safe for outdoor use, propane outdoor heaters and portable patio heaters should never be used indoors or in enclosed spaces.

Always Shut Off A Heater Before Moving It.

Relocating a propane outdoor heater or portable patio heater while it is in use can create a potentially unsafe situation.

Keep Heaters Away From Foot Traffic And Exits.

By placing outdoor heaters out of the way of foot traffic, and at least five feet from exits, you lower the chances of a heater getting knocked over while in use.

Never Use Heaters Near Other Flammables.

Paper, plastics, and other fuel sources are all things to avoid when running your propane outdoor heater or portable patio heater.

Never Store Propane Cylinders Indoors.

Store propane cylinders upright, on a level surface, in an outdoor area with plenty of ventilation.

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These Safety Facts

This fact sheet offers tips on how to safely use portable propane heaters and outdoor patio heaters, where to place them, and even how to store your portable propane cylinders. The reverse side of the sheet summarizes the safety tips. Place it where employees or family members can see it and reference it.

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Handling & Transporting Propane Cylinders

Portable propane heaters and outdoor patio heaters are powered by propane cylinders. Part of knowing how to safely operate your heater is knowing how to properly handle, transport, and store these cylinders. Watch this video to learn more.