Whether it’s settling down to unwind after a long day or hosting family and friends, homeowners look forward to spending time outdoors in a space that wows and entertains. Propane-powered features like outdoor kitchens, pool and patio heaters, and fire features can enhance any space — providing homeowners and their guests with a comfortable and relaxing experience. Propane is a clean and safe energy source that offers the perfect blend of comfort and efficiency to any backyard.

Whether it’s planning a home renovation or new construction, homeowners should consider adding these propane-powered features to enhance their outdoor living space.

Elevate Your Grilling Game with an Outdoor Kitchen

For homeowners who love to entertain, an outdoor kitchen is the perfect option for making your next gathering more enjoyable. It can even enhance your home’s functionality and increase resale value.

Attainable for any style and budget, there are many features to consider when adding an outoor kitchen. One that stands out above the rest is a built-in propane-powered grill. With modern designs and increased functionality, propane grills provide a more luxurious aesthetic to any outdoor space. Not only that, but propane’s ability to provide instant and consistent heat allows for better temperature control while cooking. This means perfectly grilled steaks, vegetables, and seafood every time. Compared to charcoal grills, propane grills release less carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and soot. This not only makes clean-up easier, but also contributes to a healthier outdoor environment.

Relax with a Reliably Heated Pool

For those who enjoy spending a day at the pool no matter the time of year, a propane-powered pool heater is a game-changer. While heating a pool can be a considerable expense, propane-powered pool heaters offer a more cost-effective solution. They are highly efficient and are proven to lower energy costs compared to other heating sources. Not only that, propane heats pools and spas more quickly than electric heat pumps, keeping the water at the perfect temperature whenever you’re ready to take a dip.

Propane’s versatility and efficiency also ensures that your pool keeps a consistent temperature during cooler seasons or in regions with fluctuating weather. Propane is a smart energy choice for homeowners looking to enjoy their pools year-round without breaking the bank.


Fire Pit


Extend Your Outdoor Living Season with Propane-Powered Heaters

When the sun starts to set and the temperature begins to drop, propane heaters provide homeowners with a comfortable and sustainable way to extend their time outdoors. Propane-powered patio heaters can quickly and efficiently create a more relaxing outdoor experience in cooler temperatures. These energy-efficient heaters can heat up to 25 feet in diameter, raising the outdoor air temperature by anywhere from 10 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Propane fireplaces or fire tables are also an excellent way to upgrade your outdoor space, providing added warmth and creating a relaxing ambiance. Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, propane-fueled fireplaces emit less soot and other pollutants, making them a cleaner option for your home and the environment. Propane fireplaces are also up to 90 percent efficient, compared with wood-burning fireplaces which are only about 15 percent efficient. And with portable or permanently installed options, these features can be tailored to meet any outdoor aesthetic.

As you begin to think of all the ways to transform your outdoor living space, it’s important to remember that propane-powered features offer unmatched comfort, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. From outdoor kitchens and heated pools, to cozy patio heaters and exceptional fire features, propane helps you make the most of your outdoor living space all year round. To learn more about propane features that create a beautiful, functional, and eco-friendly outdoor oasis, visit propane.com/outdoor-living.