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What you’ll learn

The course taught during this special training event provides plumbing and HVAC instructors, students, and propane professionals with the information they need to safely work with propane.



Vapor Distribution Systems

  • How propane containers, regulators, and gas piping supply adequate gas pressure to appliances.
  • When and why a propane container does not adequately supply the propane demand of the system.
  • The importance of having properly sized gas piping.

Appliance Installation Requirements

  • The importance of installing a safe and code-compliant venting system.
  • The different category types of vented appliances.
  • Why it’s important to select the correct venting system materials for the different appliance categories.
  • The importance of maintaining proper clearances between an appliance venting system and combustible materials.

Interior Gas Piping Installation Requirements

  • The correct gas piping system material to be used.
  • How gas piping distribution systems are installed in a safe and code-compliant manner.
  • The difference between a sediment trap and a drip leg and their different installation requirements.
  • The correct pressure to apply to piping systems.

Tests and Checks

  • The different vapor distribution system checks and tests and their importance.
  • The purpose and code requirements for conducting a pressure test, a leak check, and a flow and lockup test.
  • The difference between a system flow test and a regulator flow test and how to conduct them.

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