Support the Propane Workforce and Next Generation of Propane Providers

PERC is committed to finding, training, and retaining the next generation of the propane workforce. We’re helping our industry partners recruit talent for a wide range of career opportunities, including bobtail and transport drivers, service technicians, customer service representatives, and more. Plus, our outreach efforts are ensuring that students get an early look at career opportunities offered by the propane industry, through classroom curricula, career day kits, and grant programs to support education in technical schools and community colleges — all made possible with the support of propane industry members in local communities, nationwide.

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Use these resources to promote career openings at your company and support adding propane- specific curriculum into classrooms in your area.


PERC offers two grant programs for technical schools and community colleges across the United States, as well as Train the Trainer classes for such instructors to become familiar and comfortable teaching their students propane- specific curricula.

Curriculum available:


The future of agriculture is rooted in classrooms nationwide. That’s why we provide these free courses that make it easy for agriculture educators to teach students about the role propane plays in ag operations from coast to coast. Download the full set of 13 lesson plans with one click, or choose from individual topics below. Every lesson includes propane-focused curriculum as well as interactive activities and sample tests.


This 80 hour course, HVAC and Plumber Technical Training for HVAC and Plumbing Professionals, is designed to provide current information, practices, and procedures to educate HVAC and plumbing professionals on how to design, install, test, and operate propane appliances and gas distribution systems in a safe and efficient manner.


Propane Autogas Vehicle Inspection Training: Introduction for Automobile Service Technicians is an introductory course for automobile service technicians looking to understand propane Autogas components, systems, and operations. There are four lessons in this course: Propane Fuel, Safety Considerations, Propane Vehicle Systems and Component Operation, and Vehicle Inspections. This course does not include information regarding filling containers or evacuation or purging of new containers. If you are already working on propane autogas engines and need specific training on the engine type that you work with, reach out to your OEM contact.


Check out the Workforce Development Outreach Materials. A collection of  images, videos, brochure, handouts, etc. These pieces highlight the career possibilities that are offered in the propane industry, with testimonials from various employees in the industry.
Also use these resources:


Right now in the propane industry, there are openings across the board for drivers, technicians, and customer service representatives, as well as positions in safety and training, logistics, plant operations, and management. Connect with your state association to add open jobs at your company to their state job board, and encourage them to add their job boards to our website.


Energize Your Impact: Help students of all ages learn about propane and the career options in the industry with PERC’s Career Day Kits
Schools often need volunteers to speak with students about careers, lead in-person education sessions, and more, with the goal of helping to connect classroom learning with real-world experiences. This is a rewarding experience and provides a chance to open students’ eyes to the possibilities of a career in the propane industry — whether they choose to attend college or trade school, run their own business, or take another path — all while promoting propane as a reliable and environmentally friendly energy source.

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