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Traditionally a year-round market for gallon demand, material handling continues to face head winds of increased competition from electrification. Playing an essential role in supply chains across all industries in the US., propane material handling equipment ranges from cranes and forklifts to warehousing and distribution solutions. Propane in the material handling industry plays a dynamic part in supporting the needs of a growing and changing economy. Sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has become important to the entire material handling market, from equipment supplier to fleets and even down to buyers.  Orders for propane fueled forklifts are up and the gap is widening against electric lifts.

The future of propane is even cleaner with hybrid solutions and renewables. Propane and material handling industry professionals need to be prepared with education and safety training, as well as continue to develop workforce development programs to meet demand. According to recent material handling distributors, the industry trends are healthy.  In 2021, sales growth was up 11%, profit margins were up 6.9 %, and asset turnover was down. Despite its challenges, the state of the material handling industry is strong.

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Forklift applications range from indoor to outdoor.

The capital cost of propane-fueled forklifts is almost 30 percent lower than the purchase price of an electric-powered forklift. Calculate your savings by using the Forklift Cost Calculator.

Propane-fueled forklifts reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 16 percent compared to gasoline-fueled forklifts. Calculate your emissions using the Forklift Emissions Calculator.

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