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The commercial sector covers a broad swath of the U.S. economy. The growth of real GDP in the U.S.is projected to average 2.4% a year from 2024 to 2027. Overall, readily available data in the commercial sector is lacking, although the following should provide some insight into the market. As US buildings age, the need for retrofits grows.  One of the critical development opportunities in the commercial sector will be the conversion of heating oil space heating customers in the Northeast.

Tankless water heating is another opportunity for propane to expand in a variety of commercial segments, including schools, restaurants, churches, lodges, and resorts. Significant demand for water heating, as well as concern about energy conservation in public accommodations and commercial facilities, provide a significant opportunity for propane tankless water heaters beyond the residential sector.  A big opportunity for propane water heaters is in-patient health care facilities, prisons, assisted living facilities, equestrian centers, dairy farms, campgrounds, and breweries.

With power outages becoming more frequent and longer, power generation is becoming more essential to business operators. In addition, recent updates to the LEED v4 (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) may help further propane adoption. The program has slightly expanded opportunities for propane to help meet program requirements or qualify for points towards certification. Commercial acceptance of micro-CHP and other prime electrical generation will be a key driver and will benefit from propane’s energy dense and portable nature.

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The cost of energy is a major component of operating costs, and business owners can’t risk any downtime or impact on their operations from an unreliable source of energy. Building and renovating with propane appliances can help slash energy costs and deliver the key performance, luxury amenities, and reliable resilient power to keep the lights and heat on.


Propane-fueled commercial tankless water heaters are energy efficient, with thermal efficiency ratings as high as 99 percent. Share the Ruby Inn Story about how switching to tankless water heating for efficiency and savings benefits to the business and comfort for their customers.

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