More and more home and building owners want tankless water heaters. Is your business ready to meet the growing demand?

Thanks to their potential for lower energy costs, tankless water heaters are an increasingly popular option in new homes today and as a replacement for storage tank units in existing projects. Propane tankless water heaters can save more than $150 annually in energy costs compared with typical electric tank models. Their small footprint, ability to heat water quickly on demand, and ease of installation near the point of use are also attractive features.

What’s next for tankless?

Construction pros like you know that simply installing a tankless water heating system isn’t enough to get the job done. Your customers expect you to educate them on the value those units will deliver upon installation and over time.

In The Ultimate Guide to Tankless Water Heaters you learned the basics of installing tankless systems and the advantages of fueling them with propane.

In this follow-up edition, we help you take your tankless business to the next level and show how propane can help. In the downloadable guide below, we’ve brought together a selection of our newest and most popular resources on tankless water heaters in a comprehensive e-book format that’s easy to email or print out and share with your crew, subs, and even customers.

With energy efficiency data, installation tips, and case studies of projects that have already made the switch, the following pages will help you raise the quality of your tankless installations and boost your bottom line.

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