Advisory Committee

The Council values industry involvement and has established an Advisory Committee consisting of industry volunteers and other professionals to assist the Council with its mission to ensure that the industry receives value for its investments. The Advisory Committee reviews, evaluates, and makes recommendations on requests for funding; evaluates the effectiveness of projects; and assists the Council with its proactive duty to develop programs and projects.

There are many opportunities to get involved with PERC in various areas, including safety and training, research and innovation, and market development and outreach.

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Safety and Training Working Group

Training and informing the industry and consumers on the safe handling, storage, and use of propane is a top priority at PERC. From across the nation, propane professionals have come together to help us guide and support the industry’s efforts to build and maintain high public confidence in propane’s safety and value. We take pride in the industry’s exemplary record and its commitment to the safety of everyone who works with, buys, and depends on propane.

The Safety and Training Working Group of the Council’s Advisory Committee leads PERC’s mandated mission to develop programs and projects to enhance consumer and employee safety and training. In fulfilling this role, the working group acknowledges a fiduciary responsibility to both the propane industry and society.

The working group works with marketers, the National Propane Gas Association, and state associations to provide leadership, vision, and resources for ongoing safety and training efforts. Produced under the working group’s supervision, PERC courseware and materials train and educate first responders, marketers, and consumers on safe handling of propane and provide regulatory compliance assistance to the propane industry.

For more information, call Eric Kuster, PERC’s vice president, safety & training, at 202-452-8975 or email [email protected].

Research and Technology Working Group

The Research and Technology Development Working Group of the Council’s Advisory Committee recommends and oversees initiatives that advance the development of clean and efficient propane utilization equipment to serve the needs of existing propane marketers to open new markets for propane; and pursue fundamental or basic research to improve safety and efficiency, to expand supply, and to address technology needs in the transportation, storage, handling, and use of propane.

For more information call Greg Kerr, PERC’s director of research and development, at 202-452-8975 or email [email protected].

Market Development and Outreach Working Group

The Market Development and Outreach Working Group of the Council’s Advisory Committee leads efforts to implement the Council’s strategy within both existing and future market segments, including residential, commercial, agriculture, engine fuel, and industrial end-uses, by identifying and pursuing growth opportunities; providing market analysis and customer research; developing and maintaining quality partnerships, programs, and projects to support market outreach and training objectives; and measuring the impact of such objectives.

For more information contact call Paula Wilson, Director of Industry Engagement at 202-452-8975 or email [email protected].