PERC works with manufacturers, researchers, and government partners to strengthen technical knowledge, leverage funding, and maximize investments in developing new propane products. We also work with state entities that support workforce safety training, consumer education and outreach in local communities. We encourage proposals for projects that align with the Council’s strategic needs.

State Rebate Grant Program

The Council distributes 20 percent of the national assessment to qualified state entities for programs that benefit the industry through safety and training, research, and consumer education. Use of state rebate funds are governed by the Propane Education & Research Enhancement Act of 2014 and the Council’s Policies, Rules, and Procedures.

Qualified state entities are state propane foundations, councils or state PERC’s. Projects must benefit all propane marketers in a state or region, regardless of membership to a propane gas association. A complete list of approved state projects is provided in our annual report.

View the Assessment Rebate Agreement that governs the performance, services and other activities required of PERC and the state propane foundations and state Propane Education & Research Councils that receive funding under the State Rebate Grant Program.

Applications for state rebate funds must be submitted by the qualified state entity through the Council’s Grants Portal. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Kristen Rice at [email protected] or 202-452-8975.

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National Grant Program

Through its competitive grant program, PERC offers partnerships and funding opportunities to manufacturers, researchers, and other entities for the development and advancement of propane applications and scientific learnings, operational improvements, and safety and training.

Applications for grant funding must be submitted through the Council’s Grants Portal. All applications are rigorously reviewed by propane industry volunteers and staff. Due to limited funding availability, only those projects that offer the greatest alignment with the PERC strategic plan and demonstrate the greatest opportunity for the propane industry are considered by the Council for funding.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Grace Willis at [email protected] or 202-452-8975.

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