Energize Your Impact: Help students of all ages learn about propane and the career options in the industry

Giving back to our communities and setting good examples for future generations can sometimes feel out of reach — but by sharing with students your perspective as a propane provider, you have a unique opportunity to do exactly that.

Schools often need volunteers to speak with students about careers, lead in-person education sessions, and more, with the goal of helping to connect classroom learning with real-world experiences. Plus, it’s a chance to open students’ eyes to the possibilities of a career in the propane industry — whether they choose to attend college or trade school, run their own business, or take another path — all while promoting propane as a reliable and environmentally friendly energy source.

Career Day Kits

Explore our career day kits to see what the activity, experiment, and take home item is in the kit for each grade level. To order your own ready-to-go kit, click the link below. You will only be charged for shipping.

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Course Materials

The future of agriculture is rooted in classrooms nationwide. That’s why we provide these free courses that make it easy for agriculture educators to teach students about the role propane plays in ag operations from coast to coast.

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