A recent study assessed the performance of Rinnai’s modulating propane-fueled direct-vent wall furnace system to demonstrate the benefits of using direct vent furnaces fueled by propane for home heating.

Research Information

Direct-vent propane-fueled furnaces offer lower electricity consumption and more consistent, reliable heat in comparison with central heating systems.

  • The report verifies the benefits of direct-vent propane-fueled furnaces, such as lower electricity consumption and more consistent and reliable heat in comparison with central heating systems.
  • Direct-vent wall furnaces can be used as a heating solution for the entire home or for zone heating of smaller or hard-to-heat spaces, increasing system versatility compared with central heating systems.
  • The performance of the direct-vent wall furnace system fueled by propane had previously not been validated with third-party testing.

Key Results

Direct Vent Furnaces:

  • Met all space-heating loads required in a single-family, four-bedroom home.
  • Consumed an average of 2.1 gallons to 2.8 gallons of propane every day during the testing period.
  • Maintained tighter temperature control throughout the living space than the condensing furnace with ductwork.
  • Operated reliably and without interruption or fault during the testing period.
  • Reduced electricity consumption by between 76 percent and 88 percent compared with the condensing furnace.
  • Consumed an average of only 1.5 kilowatt-hours per day of electricity when not using the room-to-room air ventilation units.

Download Full Report

For a condensed look at the report’s findings, simply download the fact sheet here.

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