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“Google It.”

Google is how people — including your next potential customers — search for everything these days.

It is also the way customers can find local propane providers at because the Propane Education & Research Council has gotten rid of the Find a Propane Retailer tool. Why? Increasingly, Google’s local business listings show up ahead of Find a Propane Retailer in search results. Rather than compete with Google, we’re using their search results at


Claiming and managing your free Google business listing is more important than ever. Customers will only find you in a search at if they can find you in a general Google search, too.

To help, PERC has created resources explaining how to claim and manage your listing. We’ve posted a video of a previously recorded webinar below that you can watch anytime.


Watch our Google My Business webinar, including the question and answer session, right here.

Available Resources

Claim My Google Listing Guide
Just follow the steps in this guide and you'll have your own free Google business listing in no time.
Download the Guide
Guide to Managing Your Google Listing
Once you've claimed your listing, you can increase its effectiveness by adding photos, reviews, and more. Our guide will show you how.
Download the Guide
Get Found on Google Search and Maps
This short lesson from Google My Business offers even more tips on helping customers find you through Google.
View Tutorial
Make the Most of Your Google Listing
View this Google lesson to learn how updating and optimizing your business listing can turn potential customers into paying customers.
View Tutorial


Why is Find a Propane Retailer at going away?

PERC made the decision to phase out the Find A Propane Retailer tool, because Google’s local business listings show up ahead of the Find a Propane Retailer tool in search results. Rather than compete with Google, we’re going to start using their search results at

Why Google, and not some other search engine?

Google is a commonly used search engine in the United States, and its business listings offer very comprehensive information. In addition, propane marketers can easily update or change the information in their listing from their PC, tablet, or smartphone.

After clicking "Get Started," at Google My Business, I received a pop-up reading “ for GSuite accounts only.” What does this mean and how do I continue the process to claim my Google business listing?

To claim your free listing at Google My Business, you need a Google account. Make sure you’re signed into the account on your web browser before starting the Google My Business process. If you don’t have a Google account, you can get one by creating a Gmail address, or you can create an account using your current business email address.

I already have a Google business listing. Is there anything else I need to do?

If you’ve already claimed your Google business listing, that’s great news. We highly recommend you download our Guide to Managing Your Google Listing, to discover ways you can update and optimize your listing for better search results.

I'm having trouble with my listing. Is there anyone at PERC who can assist me?

We’re happy to help. Call us at (202) 452-8975, or email us at [email protected], and we’ll assist you in any way we can.

I want to upload my logo into my business listing. Is there a specific place for my logo and other photos?

The photo uploader in your Google My Business profile gives you prompts for where you should upload certain types of content. It will tell you where to add your logo, photos of the interior and/or exterior of your business, etc. Follow the instructions and you’ll be able to get your photo content in the right place on your listing.

Does Google frown on offering coupons or rewards for reviews?

Google allows businesses to offer small incentives for providing reviews. It doesn’t have to be a financial incentive, though offering merchandise, a coupon, or a small discount on a bill can greatly increase the number of reviews on your listing.

Doesn't offering an incentive influence the reviewer?

The incentive is simply a reminder to leave a review, and offering an incentive won’t guarantee a positive review. Just be genuine in asking for customers’ opinions on how you helped them.

Can I get a copy of the slides used in the webinar?

The slides used for the webinar aren’t available for download. However, you will find a video of the webinar that’s available for you to view anytime, located just above this FAQ section. If you know someone who missed the webinars, simply direct them here to view the video.