WASHINGTON (August, 2022) — Delayed planting in many states may cause high moisture corn to be a common challenge this harvest, requiring longer periods of grain drying than average. Due to increased uncertainty, the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) recommends participating in early tank fill programs before peak harvest demand.

PERC’s Grain Drying Calculator tool helps plan ahead for propane supply needs. Available for free online, farmers can simply enter the number of acres, estimated bushels per acre, and optimal moisture percentages to determine gallons needed.

“Farmers will need ample supplies of propane to dry corn if they are faced with a short harvest season before winter,” said Mike Newland, director of agriculture business development for PERC. “While much of the nation is experiencing drying conditions, it will be important for producers to monitor weekly crop moisture levels and plan their grain drying fuel supplies accordingly.”

By filling tanks early, producers can beat the rush of higher propane demand at harvest time. Newland recommends looking into additional on-site fuel storage for immediate on-site access to propane throughout the entire harvest season.

Growers can contact their local propane supplier for current pricing and availability. For more information about propane’s versatility and propane farm equipment, visit Propane.com/Agriculture.