The Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo is the “Super Bowl” of North American propane industry events. Hosted yearly by the National Propane Gas Association, Southeast Expo brings together the latest in propane innovations with extensive education and networking opportunities.

This year, the 75th Southeast Expo was held in Nashville, Tennessee and drew a huge crowd of nearly 4,000 attendees and exhibitors. PERC was among those exhibitors, spreading the word about the new PERC mobile app, equipping marketers with educational and environmental materials, holding a giveaway for an RTIC® cooler, and handing out Energy for Everyone-branded swag items.

The star of the show, however, was the New Product Showcase pavilion. Located just across the way from the PERC booth, the New Product Showcase featured five pieces of equipment that highlight propane’s role in providing clean, versatile, and reliable energy to homes and businesses across the country:

The Wright Stander ZK Propane-Powered Mower from Propane Power Systems

• The Wright Stander ZK propane-powered mower from Propane Power Systems is a powerful and eco-friendly solution for lawn care. Its new springless EFI regulator mounted to a Vanguard 37HP EFI engine ensures a consistent fuel supply, reducing emissions and delivering power. Durable and easy to use, this mower is ideal for professionals and homeowners who want a reliable and efficient lawn maintenance experience.

• Enviropower’s SmartWatt boiler is the next-generation heating technology that enables building owners to produce efficient heat, generate free electricity, and enjoy backup power, all in one system. At 95% heating efficiency, the SmartWatt Boiler SW600-6 is one of the most efficient heating solutions for homes and buildings in the market.

• The Hybrid Heat Pump Solution from Rinnai, Bosh, Duramax, and Bindus is a whole-home upgrade solution that will offer homeowners the comfort, reliability, and affordability they desire. The system is powered by a propane tankless water heater or boiler that turns on a circulator pump to provide radiator-quality heat through a central air system, warming homes more efficiently than the strip heat that an individual electric heat pump provides. The system guarantees peace of mind with a year-round comfort solution and contingency plan to combat electric grid failure while saving energy and money and reducing emissions.

The Evergreen Mobile Power Juice Box Generator

• The Juice Box generator from Evergreen Mobile Power is a 25KW, eco-friendly, propane-fueled generator. Featuring patented interchangeable distribution panels, GPS with cell phone smart technology, and on-board hot water heater hookups – with none of the fumes associated with diesel generators – the Juice Box is a smart solution for both indoor and outdoor power generation.

• A Gas Heat Pump Furnace Combi from Anesi and Stone Mountain Technologies replaces both the furnace and the water heater in a propane-powered home. It reduces heating bills by 30-50 percent and is ideal for cold weather heating, operating down to –40°F/C without backup, providing warmth and comfort without any alterations to the home.



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As the products in the New Product Showcase demonstrate, propane is a low-carbon energy source that puts us on the path to zero emissions today. Simply swapping diesel for propane in markets like power generation, material handling, and transportation would drastically reduce emissions, both now and in the future. Incorporating propane equipment in residential and commercial uses ensures reliable power, even when the electric grid fails. Additionally, propane partners with and enhances other clean energy sources such as solar and wind to provide environmentally friendly power, and advances in renewable propane will deliver a sustainable energy solution for generations to come.


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