What is the Learning Center?

The Learning Center is a Learning Management System (LMS) PERC uses to deploy and record interactions with educational content to the propane industry.

What type of training and resources are available in The Learning Center?

The Learning Center offers a wealth of educational content ranging from the well-known CETP content to soft skills and marketing. All of the education content is divided into one of the following three categories: Market & Industry Training, CETP Training, and Safety & Technical Training. There are sub-categories within these.

New User Information

Where can I find educational content?

All content within the Learning Center falls into one of the following main categories: Market & Industry, CETP, or Safety & Technical. There are sub categories within each main category to help with your navigation.

How do I enroll in educational content?

You can enroll into modules/programs by navigating to the section you are interested in and then clicking the Enroll button in the upper right hand corner of the course.

How do I view transcripts?

To view your transcripts you will click on the three horizontal lines in the upper right and then click on the word Transcripts.

How do I print transcripts?

While viewing your transcripts you will see a Print button in the upper right. You can print to PDF or your local printer.

Educational Content

How has PERC educational content evolved over time?

Click here to see the evolution map of how PERC educational content has evolved over time. This will assist you in understanding what content would be beneficial to you.

What does modularized function based training mean?

Modularized-Function-based training means breaking down the educational content into smaller pieces that cover one topic or task.

What is a module, versus a program, versus a learning path?

A module is a single specific piece of content. A program is a collection of modules around a topic. A Learning Path is set of programs collected into a guided curriculum for a job postion or task that steps you through each program needed to learn about a task or job position.

How can you use the new programs?

When looking for training, check to see if a module is available that focuses on the specific task you want to learn about, instead of an all encompassing program. This will allow you to learn exactly what you need right now.

Who can use the new learning paths and programs?

The simple answer is anyone. These Learning Paths are designed to educate the novice employee from the beginning of their career. During and after completing the modules within the Learning Path it is advisable to have an experienced employee assist the novice employee with connecting the educational content to the practical application of the job.

Are there exams with the new programs and Learning Paths?

The new programs don’t include a “certification” exam at the end of the programs. Rather there are knowledge checks and quizzes throughout to ensure learners are understanding the material. Programs that cover tasks are also accompanied with an On-The-Job checklist, that when used, will help connect the learning to the practical application.

IACET Accreditation

What is IACET Accreditation?  

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) is a non-profit organization that sets a Standard for educational and training providers to improve the organization and the instruction.

Why is IACET important?  

IACET is important because it improves the organization’s current policies and procedures by applying it to the IACET Standard. The IACET Standard helps to improve the process and policies surrounding the development of instructional materials.

How does IACET impact PERC’s current training delivery to propane industries?  

IACET allows PERC to allocate CEUs to users for taking our training programs.

What are CEUs?  

A continuing education unit (CEU) is a measure used to show successful completion of a learning event. CEUs are calculated by taking the total number of contact minutes and dividing that number by 60 to arrive at the number of contact hours. The total contact hours must be divided by 10 and then rounded to the nearest tenth which will show the number of CEUs.

How do I identify programs that offer CEUs?

If a program offers CEUs there will be a IACET watermark on the tile image along with the CEUs awarded for that content listed. Here is an example of what that would look like.

Will CETP offer CEUs?

No. CETP will not offer CEUs.

How do I find CEUs on a transcript?  

CEUs are located in two places on a transcript. To locate the total number of CEUs on a transcript, view the graduation cap icon on the left side of the transcript listed right after the Company Name. To locate the total number of CEUs for each course, scroll to the Courses section and view the CEUs located to the right side of the transcript.

How are CEUs provided for in-person training?

A qualified instructor, someone who has completed the PERC Trainers course, is able to offer classroom training that awards CEUs.

How do I request a release of information for a transcript?

To request a release of information for a transcript, submit a Help Desk ticket.

Administrators in the Learning Center

Why Should my company assign an admin in The Learning Center?

There are many benefits to assigning an administrator for your company in the Learning Center: Electronic record keeping of your employees, managing training records for your employees at a central location, evaluate employee training performance, and much more. The content within the Learning Center is available 24 hours a day. This allows your employees to access content when its convenient to them, and for you to be able to see how they are doing with their training.

How do I become an admin for my company?

To become an Admin for your company, please use the Need Help button to contact the Learning Center Helpdesk and provide your name, username, the company you work for. They will verify your credentials and if appropriate add the Admin functions to your existing account.

What training is available for admins in The Learning Center?

Check back for a link to the Learning Center Admin Learning Path.

How do I create a new user account?

Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to create a new user account.

How do I print a user's certificate?

Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to print a certificate.

How do I view and print a user's transcript?

Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to view and/or print a user’s training transcript.

How do I use the reporting function?

Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to use the reporting tools within the Learning Center.

How do I reset a user's password?

Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to reset a user’s password in the Learning Center.

How do I assign Learning Paths/Programs/Exams?

Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to assign training content and/or exams to another user’s account.

CETP Training and Certification Process

What is the CETP process?

The CETP certification process consists of passing the certification exam with a qualified CETP Proctor and completing a skills assessment using a qualified CETP Skills Evaluator within 12 months of passing the certification exam. Training is available to help prepare for the certification process in eLearning, instructor led, or self-paced study.

CETP Proctor

How do I become a Proctor?

To become a proctor you must complete the CETP Proctor Training module, which includes an exam at the end. Once you complete this module you will be issued a unique Proctor ID that will be listed on your certificate of completion within 24 business hours. This credential is valid for 3 years, and if you wish to renew you must complete the CETP Proctor Training module again.

How do I Proctor an Exam?

Please refer to the Proctor Training course here, and the Education Policy for guidance on proctoring CETP Certification Exams.

CETP Skill Evaluator

How do I become a CETP Skill Evaluator?

To become a CETP Skill Evaluator you must first be knowledgeable and/or CETP Certified in the area(s) you want to perform Skill Assessments. Then you must complete the CETP Skill Evaluator Training module, including passing the exam at the end of it. Within 24 business hours of completing this module you will be issued a unique CETP Skill Evaluator ID that will be listed on your certificate of completion. This credential is valid for 3 years, and if you wish to renew you will need to compete the CETP Skill Evaluator module again.

How do I Perform a Skill Evaluation?

Please refer to the CETP Skill Evaluator Training course, and the Education Policy for guidance on performing Skill Evaluations. The CETP Skill Evaluation forms are available for download and filling out. You can email them to the email address listed, mail them to the mailing address listed, or upload them directly to the Learning Center. You can also perform an electronic skill evaluation within the Learning Center.

If you still have questions, please contact us at 1-800-757-1554 or email [email protected].