Commercial building owners and operators are making great strides in improving the energy efficiency of their buildings, but another central component of building performance stands in stark contrast: the reliability of the power supply.

A 2022 report from the North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) found that large portions of the country are at risk of blackouts as higher temperatures lead to more demand for energy. That means commercial and industrial companies or vulnerable to costly power outages.

For many businesses, those power losses can be catastrophic. A loss of power can impact vital systems like smoke, fire, elevators, refrigeration units, heating and cooling equipment, health and safety equipment, communications, and many other applications. A business without power might lose customers to the competition, risk its reputation, and lose the confidence of employees and clients. There are financial risks as well: the cost of lost inventory such as perishable foods, lost wages and overtime, and accommodations for inconvenienced customers.

Just as businesses and organizations are battling higher energy costs by improving the efficiency of their buildings and equipment, building owners can also take the resilience of their power supply into their own hands with on-site power generation. Propane standby generators and combined heat and power (CHP) systems provide a backup source of power for a building’s electrical loads when the power grid is interrupted.

n some types of projects, backup power is mandated by building codes and standards. In those cases, energy and facility managers may seek to upgrade their backup power solution by minimizing carbon emissions or using a resilient, on-site, and low-maintenance source of fuel. In other optional scenarios, businesses might seek to enhance their resilience with a generator that protects the power supply.

Download our latest guide for overview of propane commercial standby generator and CHP technologies that can enhance both resilience and sustainability. We’ll take a look at several real-life project examples and the business cases that made standby power viable. No matter where your project is located, propane is a readily available fuel that can be immediately and efficiently converted to on-site power. Let’s make a plan to protect the safety and financial security of your client or business.

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