A Seamless Gas Solution

For builders and developers planning new communities, the availability of gas amenities is a key consideration in building homes that are marketable and stand up to the competition.

But in some communities, building with natural gas simply isn’t possible or cost-effective. Propane offers a versatile, scalable source of gas that works with virtually any type of community or location. And for communities that are particularly large or dense, community propane systems offer a seamless energy option that operates just like a traditional natural gas system.

Best Practices for Large-Scale Communities

This e-book collects our most valuable resources and case studies on community propane systems in a comprehensive format that makes it easy to evaluate this option and share with your construction and community partners.

So whether you’re a developer looking for an option to offer gas access on your builder lots or a homebuilder who wants to offer the most-competitive amenities possible, these real-world stories illustrate the marketing and revenue opportunities available through community propane systems and offer best practices on evaluating and implementing them in your own projects.

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