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Vs. Electric

Give your homes the propane advantage

Propane offers versatility, efficiency, and sustainability that’s unmatched by other energy sources. Construction professionals can enjoy the propane advantage as well: when you build with propane, you set your homes apart from the competition and give your buyers a level of performance they’ll pay a premium to enjoy.

Propane Works Harder

Propane can meet all of a home's major energy needs, inside and out. Choosing propane can even speed up a project's timetable, because you're not waiting to connect with local utilities.

Propane Means Comfort

Give buyers a place they can relax and truly feel at home. From more comfortable home heating to better home cooked meals, propane delivers.

Propane Makes Money

Home buyers are willing to pay for gas performance. All-gas homes are valued up to five percent higher than all-electric homes. Plus, propane is so efficient that homeowners can save hundreds in annual energy costs.

Propane is Sustainable

Much of America's electricity is produced by coal-burning power plants. With homebuyers concerned about their carbon footprint, clean-burning, low-emissions propane is a more sustainable and marketable choice than electric.

Discover Propane’s Advantages For Your Region

No matter where you build, propane offers distinct advantages over electric for construction professionals and homeowners alike. Use the map to pinpoint your region, then download that brochure below.


Electrical power simply can’t compete with propane in the Northeast region, for first costs, efficiency, comfort, or resiliency. The year-round performance and efficiency of propane, for everything from home and water heating to fireplaces and standby power, will help your homes stand apart from the competition. Learn more about all of propane’s advantages in the northeast.

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Homeowners in the southeast may enjoy more stable temperates compared to other regions, but they face severe thunderstorms, tornados, even hurricanes. With propane, you can offer customers a level of reliability and resiliency that will set you apart from competitors. Discover how propane can help lower homeowner energy bills, too.

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In the midwest, where winters can be brutally cold, a propane furnace not only provides warmer, more comfortable heat than an air source heat pump, it also helps reduce emissions. Propane also makes a home more resilient in case of natural disasters, which is an advantage you can market to potential buyers. Download the brochure to learn more.

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Electrical costs in the southwest may be low, yet propane is still the better value for homeowners. Why? Not only does it compete on energy costs, it offers a level of comfort that electric appliances simply can’t match. Learn more about propane’s advantages in the southwest, and why you should offer propane performance to your customers.

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For first costs, annual energy costs, and comfort, propane beats electric in the western states. And when you consider upstream emissions from power plants, it delivers lower emissions, too. With increasingly strict emissions and building standards, that’s an advantage you can market to buyers. Discover even more reasons they’ll want the comfort and performance of propane in their homes.

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