Thanks to CrossMod homes, your dream house could be yours sooner than you think. CrossMod represents the blending of features built on-site to create a new class of homes: a crossover between custom building, and the innovative, efficient methods used in modern off-site home construction. It’s the best of all worlds. Plus CrossMod homes are eligible for conventional mortgage financing. And when you enhance yours with propane appliances, you get added benefits that last well into the future.

Incredible Comfort

For home heating, water heating, cooking, and more, propane outperforms other energy sources hands down.

Greater Savings

By choosing high-efficiency propane appliances for your CrossMod home, you’ll save hundreds in annual energy costs.

More Choices

For indoor and outdoor appliances, you’ll find everything from high-end to more affordable options that fit your family’s needs.

Flexible Locations

With propane, you're not limited to the natural gas grid or electricity. This opens up the possibilities for your new home's location to places that may be even more affordable.

What Propane Adds to Your crossmod home

Propane’s flexibility and energy efficiency make it the ideal choice for CrossMod homes. For everything from water heating, cooking appliances, clothes dryers, fireplaces, standby power, and even outdoor amenities like flame lighting, propane is the answer. And best of all? It not only saves you money in the long run, propane performance fits into any budget.

How to Get Started

Getting into your new propane CrossMod home doesn't have to feel like a challenge. Follow these steps to make the process as easy as possible.

Check Out the Exciting Possibilities

Explore to start learning more about propane and the kind of propane appliances you'll want in your new CrossMod home. You'll want to choose must-haves, such as propane-fueled furnaces and water heaters, and other propane appliances that can improve your quality of life, including ovens and ranges, clothes dryers, fireplaces, and more.

Talk To Your Home Builder

Whether you've secured financing and land, or you're just starting the process, talking to a CrossMod home builder is a good next step to take. Once you pick out your model of home, tell them up front that you're interested in building with propane for the greater performance and efficiency it provides. To learn more about CrossMod homes, you can also visit the Manufactured Housing Institute website.
Find Your Local Propane Supplier
Enter your zip code to find a residential propane supplier in your area. Your local propane supplier will be happy to answer questions about propane tank placement (including above-ground or underground installation), fuel delivery options, and more.
Find Local Suppliers

Install Your Appliances And Enjoy

Your CrossMod builder will work hand-in-hand with a propane supplier to install appliances and inspect the systems. And don’t worry about propane holding up your project. In many cases, using propane can speed things up, because you’re not at the mercy of public utilities for connections to the natural gas mains.