Propane Success Stories

For decades, business owners have counted on propane forklifts to get the job done the first time — all while keeping costs in check. That’s because, compared with electric, propane forklifts ensure your employees have all the advantages they need to work effectively. Keep reading for a few of their stories.


Omaha, Nebraska

  • 90,000 square foot facility
  • 3 propane forklifts
  • 9 propane tanks in rotation

“There’s a lot more power, a lot more lift capacity. It just works well for our operation.”

Doug Buchanan
Renze Display President

Graphic Products

Beaverton, Oregon

  • 77,500 square foot facility
  • 1 propane forklift

“It’s much easier to avoid spills when you’re swapping standardized propane tanks, rather than pumping or pouring liquid fuel.”

Christine Torres
Public Relations Specialist


Reading, Pennsylvania

  • 1 propane forklift
  • 4 propane cylinders stored on-site

“I definitely prefer a propane forklift, especially since at our facility we only have one forklift. It’s reliable, day in and day out, it gets the job done.”

Adam Winchester
Operations Manager


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