Equipment Fleet Profile

  • 6 Gravely ZTR mowers converted to propane
  • 1 Ferris walk-behind mower converted to propane
  • 1 2012 Ford F-250 converted to a propane autogas bi-fuel system

Total Lawn Care Propane Highlights

  • $1,100 saved on fuel costs during a two-month period alone in summer 2018.
  • $1.00/gal less for propane compared with gasoline.
  • 250-gallon on-site propane tank refueled weekly eliminates any worries about having fuel.
  • 2-3 minutes for employees to refill each propane cylinder from the tank.
  • 2,000 hours of use on the company’s oldest propane mower and zero fuel-related maintenance issues.


The company turned to propane to fuel its commercial mower fleet when its owner, Scott Dudley, needed a solution to combat something all landscapers dread: prolonged periods of rising gasoline prices. High gasoline prices in the Deep South, where a 10-month mowing season is common, can wreak havoc on a contractor’s annual fuel budget and, ultimately, its bottom line.

Within a year of an initial propane mower demonstration by a local propane retailer, Dudley had converted his entire fleet of five commercial mowers to propane. The move immediately saved the company 30 percent on fuel costs, and a fuel contract with his local propane retailer ensures fuel costs the same all year. Dudley has paid as little as $1.35 per gallon and never more than $1.85 since converting to propane. The company has since expanded operations, thanks in part to lower fuel and maintenance costs afforded by propane.

Using alternative fuel incentives through the Propane Education & Research Council and Mississippi Propane Council, such as PERC’s Propane Mower Incentive Program, also helps the company save money. It now operates a fleet of seven commercial propane mowers and even upfitted one of its light-duty trucks to run on a propane bi-fuel system.

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