Established by the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act, the Clean School Bus Program has $5 billion in funding over the next 5 years (FY 2022–2026), to include up to $500 million each year for Clean School Buses, which includes Propane, CNG, LNG, electric, and hydrogen and up to $500 million each year for zero emission school buses.

Eligible Recipients

  • State, local, or tribal government entities or public school districts responsible for purchasing school buses or providing school bus services.
  • Contractors that sell propane school buses, fueling infrastructure, or other equipment needed to charge, fuel, or maintain propane school buses; or arrange financing for such a sale.

Rebate Details (2022)

EPA will have at least $500 million in funding available this round, split between the Clean and Zero Emission categories.

All applications for the 2022 Clean School Bus Program will be entered into a lottery and then selected for award.

Priority School Districts: receive additional funding per school bus and receive priority in the selection process.

Limitations: Applicants are limited to 25 school buses per application and a School District cannot be on multiple applications.

Scrappage is required; applicants:

  • Must scrap a MY 2010 or older diesel school bus, which must have operated at least 3 days/week during 2021/2022 school year (EPA will take into account COVID-19 impacts).
  • Are not allowed to order or purchase school buses before awarded by the EPA; the EPA will not reimburse for school buses that have already been purchased.

School Districts must operate the new school bus for at least 5 years from deployment.

Get Ready to Apply for Propane

The lottery process means there is no rush to apply today, but make sure to get your application submitted on or before August 19 to be eligible for funding!

Maximum Propane School Bus Funding



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