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Path to Zero
1.12 – Dr. Tilak Doshi, Forbes Energy Contributor

Tilak DoshiIn this episode of Path to Zero, Host Tucker Perkins welcomes Dr. Tilak Doshi, Forbes energy contributor and Muse, Stancil & Company managing consultant for Asia.

Dr. Doshi has studied in the energy space over the past 30 years, having worked in the oil and gas sector as an economist in both private industry and think tanks in Asia, the Middle East and the US. He’s considered a major energy influencer, frequently sharing interesting perspectives on a variety of energy topics, including the connection between COVID-19 and climate change and the dirty secrets of “clean” electric vehicles.

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Dr. Doshi explains how the “follow the science” mantra employed by governments and their policy experts to address the challenges of COVID-19 and climate change is neither straightforward nor consensual. Early in the pandemic, the diversity of scientific views on COVID-19 became quickly apparent in the dramatic flip-flop of the UK government. Additionally, unlike climate change models that predict outcomes over a period of decades, it takes only days and weeks for epidemiological model forecasts to be falsified by data.

He also explains his unique take on how decarbonization may actually be a synonym for deindustrialization. It was with the industrial revolution and the use of coal and fossil fuels that set the stage for our very existence as a civilization today. With that, of course, brought negative side effects like pollution. As momentum grows across the world for cleaner energy sources like electric vehicles, Dr. Doshi questions whether electrification is a viable replacement for fossil fuels and the answer to a lower-emitting future. 

“How clean really?” courtesy of 2017 BLOOMBERG FINANCE LP

“How clean really?” courtesy of 2017 BLOOMBERG FINANCE LP

Dr. Doshi continues the podcast discussing major trends and disruptive moments that have dramatically shaped the world of energy over the past 30 years, practical limitations to wind and solar energy and more.