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Path to Zero
5.22 - Sage Geosystems CEO Cindy Taff on Groundbreaking Geothermal Storage Technology That Makes Renewable Energy Cost-Effective

Geothermal systems are poised to make a huge impact on climate change, according to Tucker’s guest in this episode of Path to Zero podcast. Cindy Taff is the CEO of Sage Geosystems, a Houston-based geothermal and energy storage company.

Sage is building its first energy storage power plant this year and has successfully secured investments from companies traditionally involved in the oil and gas business. Taff and many on her team at Sage Geosystems bring years of experience with major oil and gas companies. Before joining Sage, Taff served as VP of Shell’s global Unconventional Wells operations and led a team of more than 350 Shell staff and 1200 contractors across five countries.

Key Topics Discussed

  • An explanation of Sage Geosystems technology, which combines geothermal power with energy storage.
  • Using proven oilfield technology, including fracking, Sage Geosystems makes geothermal energy available and affordable by not only harvesting heat but also pressure in a well.
  • When a valve is opened at the top of the wellhead, the water that is stored under pressure is released and drives a turbine to generate electricity.
  • The system is being successfully tested at an abandoned gas well in South Texas.
  • Sage Geosystems technology can store energy from wind and solar resources to help balance the grid when the sun isn’t shining, and wind isn’t blowing.
  • Details on the company’s plan to build its first commercial energy storage system in the third quarter of 2024.
  • How traditional energy service companies recognize the importance of transitioning to renewable energy sources.