Path to Zero
Path to Zero
5.20 - Home Automation as a Power Resilience and Decarbonization Tool with Bob Madonna, CEO of Savant Systems

Tucker continues his Reuters Energy Transition Summit episodes by speaking with Bob Madonna about the smart energy revolution he envisions and how the grid can keep up with increasing electrification demands.

Madonna is CEO and Chairman at Savant Systems, an innovator in smart home and energy power storage with a patented flexible load management system. Madonna explains the benefits of the system and how these technologies are becoming affordable to enhance a home’s energy efficiency and resiliency.

Highlights of Tucker’s conversation with Robert Madonna include:

  • The growth of the smart energy revolution and new subsidies in the Inflation Reduction Act making it more affordable for consumers to take advantage of the benefits.
  • $8.8 billion is available to weatherize homes, install efficient electric heating and appliances, and help households save billions of dollars in energy costs and cut their carbon emissions.
  • The intelligence in a home can create what’s known as Flexible Load Management. If a home goes off the grid during a storm or other disruption, the job of automation is to make a home’s local source (batteries, small fuel cells, generator) last as long as possible.
  • Small fuel cell technology has advanced enough to be affordable and keeps backup batteries charged.
  • Savant Systems has developed intelligent circuit breakers that pair with existing circuits in a home to monitor energy consumption, send notifications for breaker trips or grid outages, and send power exactly where it is needed.
  • AI is an important development in the future of smart home energy technology. Savant Systems engineers are looking at AI to help with automation, security and resiliency.