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5.15 - CBS Sunday Morning Correspondent David Pogue on How to Prepare for Climate Change

In this episode from Climate Week in New York, you’ll get some practical advice on how to adapt to climate-related extreme weather from David Pogue, New York Times Bestselling selling author and CBS News Correspondent. Tucker talks to Pogue about his latest book, How to Prepare for Climate Change: A Practical Guide to Surviving the Chaos.

Pogue sheds light in the book on a more proactive approach in which humans should adapt to combat climate change and to minimize the impact that threatens harmful effects to future generations.

David Pogue is a six-time Emmy winner for his stories on CBS Sunday Morning, a New York Times bestselling author, a five-time TED speaker, host of 20 NOVA science specials on PBS, and creator/host of the award-winning CBS News podcast Unsung Science.

Some highlights of what Tucker and David Pogue discuss in this episode:

  • His idea for the book came out of the fact that most books on climate change emphasize mitigation and there is little information available on adaptation.
  • Many governments and corporations are adapting to climate change with measures such as building sea walls and developing drought resistant seeds. His book focuses on what individuals and families can do.
  • How to Prepare for Climate Change has tips on things like where to live, how to talk to your kids about climate change and everything involved with adapting.
  • For dealing with heat, Pogue mentions home design strategies similar to what’s been done in the south for centuries such as wraparound porches to minimize the sun from hitting the house and high ceilings to allow the heat to rise.
  • In addition to discussing his book, Pogue touches on climate mitigation technology that excite him and better ways for the media and others to communicate the urgency of climate change.

“We have done this before,” Pogue tells Tucker. “We took lead out of gasoline, and we closed the ozone hole. We can solve major global problems if we work together.”