Path to Zero
Path to Zero
5.12 - The Intersection of Environmental Policy and Finance with Financial Times Sustainable Views Editor Silvia Pavoni

Tucker continues his special interviews from Climate Week in New York by getting some insight from an expert on ESG policy and regulation. Silvia Pavoni is the founding editor of Sustainable Views, a new platform by the Financial Times Group that gives readers insight into how environmental, social and governance principles are reshaping capital.

Sustainable Views helps readers navigate through the ever-expanding rules, frameworks and policy decisions shaping the environmental, social and governance space with a daily newsletter and other content from a team of experienced journalists covering sustainable finance news.

Among the topics Tucker discusses with Silvia Pavoni in this episode:

  • How Sustainable Views was launched to a fill a void of news involving policy and regulation.
  • The global trend of lawmakers looking at more strict requirements in terms of disclosures for companies.
  • The growing influence of the Chief Sustainability Officer position in large companies.
  • A discussion on climate finance and the billions being invested in the transition to a green economy when what’s actually needed is trillions invested in the transition.
  • The challenge of financing and helping developing countries move toward the green transition.
  • Why the attacks on ESG are growing and why Pavoni believes ESG is on its way out because it hasn’t been useful on getting results.