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5.07 - Transforming Our Global Energy System with Cipher’s Amy Harder

Tucker kicks off a series of special episodes recorded at Climate Week in New York City with one of the nation’s premier climate journalists. Amy Harder is the Executive Editor of Cipher, which covers the technological innovations we need to combat climate change and transform our global energy systems.

Previously, she spent nearly 5 years as an energy reporter for Axios, where she interviewed some of the biggest CEOs in the industry. She was also a reporter for the Wall Street Journal and the National Journal.

Among the topics Tucker covers with Amy:

  • The launch of the Cipher newsletter and website and how the news source is focused on the disagreements on how to solve climate change.
  • Some of her most interesting interviews she’s conducted, including the late Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, and recently with John Podesta, senior advisor to President Biden for clean energy innovation and implementation.
  • Why we shouldn’t think of 2023 as the warmest year on record but the coolest of coming years.
  • How Climate Week is a preview of some of the anticipated divisions coming up at the UN Climate Conference (COP 28) in Dubai.
  • Cipher’s coverage on innovation, including a preview of the story she is working on focused on a new way to help build new clean energy infrastructure.
  • An invitation to Path to Zero listeners to sign up for the Cipher newsletter.