Path to Zero
Path to Zero
5.06 - Special Path to Zero Event for Climate Week NYC

We had the pleasure of hosting a livestreamed panel session as part of Climate Week in New York City. It’s become an annual tradition to join energy leaders from all over the world to discuss solutions for lowering carbon emissions. We invite you to watch this special Path to Zero event featuring NYC’s Chief Fleet Officer and innovators in renewable fuels and carbon recycling technology.

Achieving Net Zero with Renewable Fuels

Energy-dense liquid fuels have an important role to play in the energy transformation, especially in transportation, shipping, and power generation. In their renewable forms, these fuels release few or no carbon emissions, and even conventional liquid fuels are significantly cleaner than diesel. Major oil and gas companies are already investing billions to transition to cleaner fuels made from cooking and agriculture waste products. In this LinkedIn Live panel discussion, energy leaders discuss how renewable fuels can dramatically reduce emissions while also ensuring energy reliability and security.

L to R: Keith Kerman, Jennifer Holmgren, Rebecca Groen, Tucker Perkins


  • Rebecca Groen, CEO, Futuria Fuels with SHV Energy
  • Jennifer Holmgren, CEO, LanzaTech
  • Keith Kerman, Chief Fleet Officer, New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services