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5.03 - Industry Decarbonization Through Automation with Emerson CTO Peter Zornio

At the Reuters Global Energy Transition Summit, Path to Zero was fortunate to visit one of the innovators in decarbonizing the industrial sector, Peter Zornio, Chief Technology Officer at Emerson. He leads innovation strategy and R&D for the global technology, software and automation leader.

Zornio had an extensive conversation with Tucker on the role of technology in the path to decarbonization, particularly for traditional industries like oil and gas.

Interview highlights include:

  • An overview of how Emerson is helping industry decarbonize with its automation technology, which includes sensors and control software.
  • Hydrogen fuel technology has the potential to drive sustainability and carbon reduction objectives.
  • How industry previously utilized optimization software for efficiency and are now using it more to reduce its carbon footprint.
  • The need for new nuclear energy technologies in the energy transition.

Before being named Chief Technology Officer, Zornio served on the executive management team of Emerson’s Automation Solutions business and led development for Emerson’s comprehensive automation systems and software portfolio, including the company’s Plantweb digital ecosystem and Industrial Internet of Things solutions and strategies, as well Automation Solution’s marketing team.

Zornio is a member of the Forbes Technology Council, a group of C-suite technology leaders who share their deep knowledge and diverse experience in the industry.