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Path to Zero
5.02 - NBC News Science Reporter Denise Chow on Wildfire Smoke and other Climate Change Weather Extremes

Path to Zero continues its series of episodes recorded from the Reuters Global Energy Transition Summit in New York with a special guest, Denise Chow, who reports on science and climate change for NBC News.

The conversation is timely because Chow has been reporting on the frequency of wildfire smoke coming down from Canada and blanketing a significant part of the United States this summer. She talks to Tucker about how the air quality issues in cities this summer from wildfire smoke is a perfect example of how climate change is impacting lives.

In this interview, Tucker also talks to Denise Chow about:

  • How her career evolved from covering space to climate reporting.
  • The NBC News Climate Unit and how the network devotes significant resources to covering the climate crisis.
  • An overview of Denise’s stories focused on extreme weather, particularly extreme heat, and the nexus of human health and climate change.
  • Her interest in covering the health impacts when extreme heat and air pollution occur at the same time and the development of an early warning system for those conditions.
  • How the return of El Niño in the Pacific Ocean could mean more extreme weather ahead.
  • Her interest in covering stories that draw attention to how people in many parts of the world that have not contributed to climate change are suffering some of the greatest impacts.

“The health of yourself and your family is something that is top of mind for everybody,” Chow tells Tucker. “The more that we as journalists can connect the dots between a scientific study, a report from the United Nations or whatever it is and connect those factors into how that impacts our daily life is so important.”