Path to Zero
Path to Zero
4.16 - The Decarbonization of Trucking with NACFE’s Mike Roeth

In this episode, Tucker has the opportunity to talk to Mike Roeth, who is one of the leading authorities on enhancing the efficiency and decarbonization of the trucking industry. Mike has been the Executive Director of North American Council for Freight Efficiency since 2010.

NACFE champions the use of the latest technology for the industry to thrive as it drives into the future.

Roeth talks to Tucker about electric semi-trucks, alternative fuels and what he calls The Messy Middle, the time between now and when the trucking industry gets to the zero-emission movement of freight.

“We can’t be thinking about the current generation of electric trucks,” Roeth tells Tucker. “As good as they are, they’re going to get better. We’ve had 100 years of making diesel trucks better and we’re just getting started with battery electric trucks.”

NACFE partners with Rocky Mountain Institute on Run on Less, a best-of-the-best demonstration that showcases advancements in freight efficiency. (Photo courtesy: NACFE)

“Once you put carbon in the air, it stays there, so we need to be aggressively working on emission solutions,” says Roeth. “We have to figure out how to scale solutions like battery electric and hydrogen fuel cells.”