Path to Zero
Path to Zero
2.16 - Sustainable Alternatives for the Outdoors, Part 2

In the second of a two-part episode focused on sustainable solutions that help create a wider path to net zero emissions, Tucker Perkins welcomes Josh Simpson with Little Kamper. The California company has developed an innovative product that is helping keep hazardous waste out of our parks.

Little Kamper is the world’s first one-pound propane tank exchange program, a sustainable alternative to the small, disposable tanks. The product has been well received and growing quickly in California. The tank exchange is available in several locations within Yosemite National Park and other retail locations.

The problem with single use propane tanks

One-pound propane tanks are the popular way to fuel portable BBQ’s, camp stoves and lanterns. It’s estimated that more than 40 million of the dark green tanks are sold every year. The big problem with those little tanks is the cost of cleaning up the hazardous waste they leave behind.

The Little Kamper program puts tanks on participating retailer shelves and allows customers to buy, use, and exchange their empty tanks for prefilled replacements.

Wildfire prevention

Josh Simpson also talks to Tucker about how propane is a solution to wildfire danger in popular recreation areas. He points out how during the fire season in much of the West, wood fires and charcoal are banned. Gas is often the only fuel allowed in campgrounds and the wilderness.

Simpson says propane plays a key role at camps for firefighters to rest during the worst wildfires. Propane is used to cook meals and heat water so firefighters can wash clothes and get a hot shower. “Whether it’s trying to prevent fires in the forest or helping the firefighters who are battling the fires, propane is in the middle of the whole thing as a solution,” says Simpson.


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