Path to Zero
Path to Zero
2.07 - Can Fossil Fuels Help Address Climate Change?

Energy consultant and author Tisha Schuller joins Tucker for a fascinating discussion on how addressing climate change happens better, faster, and cheaper with the oil and gas industry at the table.

Schuller has spent her professional career working with the industry to transition into the energy future. She is an expert in providing thought leadership to future-proof energy businesses against rising social risk. Schuller is the Founding Principal of Adamantine Energy and Author of “The Gamechanger’s Playbook: How Oil & Gas Leaders Thrive in an Era of Continuous Disruption.” She also hosts the Energy Thinks podcast, featuring conversations with top thought leaders in the energy space.

Different Approach

As a student at Stanford University, Schuller was an environmental activist. Now she helps the oil and gas industry navigate through today’s world where many people think we don’t need fossil fuels anymore.

Schuller sees a great deal of opportunity for oil and gas leaders to change the conflict they’re facing by engaging in a different way. She says finding shared aspiration is key to having a different kind of conversation. Approaching a conversation with someone who has an opposing view and trying to change their mind, people tend to shut down immediately. Instead, Schuller suggests starting a conversation by acknowledging it’s imperative that we address climate change and finding common ground.

Tucker and Tisha discuss the three disruptors she details in “The Gamechanger’s Playbook,” Racial Equity and Justice, Activism’s Efficacy and the Rise of the Millennials. Schuller says Millennials are going to dominate the population. This generation cares about the climate and are suspicious of oil and gas, making it critical to understand them.