The propane industry is committed to maintaining the highest quality fuel possible. This PERC program offers as-needed testing of fuel samples to help marketers ensure this consistent fuel quality.

A fuel sampling program run by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is accepting fuel samples from marketers for testing. This thorough expert analysis can help marketers rule out fuel quality as a factor in equipment performance issues. In the rare case that fuel variations play a role, SwRI will provide marketers with a detailed report and use the information gained to further strengthen the propane industry’s ability to ensure the highest level of fuel quality.

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“Ensuring quality fuel is essential for the propane industry to not only retain current customers but to expand its reach into new markets.” — Southwest Research Institute

The fuel sampling kits include a 2.2-liter stainless steel cylinder (center) for collecting fuel, glass containers (top right) for collecting deposit samples, and a manifold (lower left).

Industry-Wide Program Benefits

  • Saves marketers the time and expense of performing their own fuel analysis.
  • Enables a quick industry response to marketer requests and concerns.
  • Provides baseline fuel analysis data that can inform future efforts to ensure high propane fuel quality.
  • Demonstrates the propane industry’s commitment to providing high-quality fuel to end users.

How To Submit Samples

  1. Call SwRI at 210-522-2817 or 210-522-3204 to request assistance.
  2. Complete and return a brief questionnaire to help document the problem.
  3. If the issue merits further investigation, SwRI will send you a sample collection kit and/or help arrange sample shipment.
  4. After analyzing the sample, SwRI will send you the results, so you can take appropriate action, if needed.
  5. At the completion of the program, SwRI will provide PERC with a summary of the contaminant and fuel quality problems found overall in the group of tested fuel samples.

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For More Information:

Propane Education & Research Council

Gokul Vishwanathan, Director of Research and Sustainability

1140 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 1075 / Washington, DC 20036 / 202-452-8975

Southwest Research Institute

John E. Gomez, Research Scientist

9503 W Commerce, San Antonio, TX 78227 / 210-522-5996