Propane plays an integral part in our path to net-zero.

As Jim Bunsey, PERC’s director of commercial development, tells the POWER Podcast, the average carbon intensity score for the U.S. power grid is 130. Compare that to propane, which has a carbon intensity score of 79, you can see how the low-carbon fuel can supplement intermittent resources such as wind and solar to help produce cleaner power.

“It starts us on the path to zero, So, as we decarbonize, we look at the electric grid, we look at other products, we’re working our way down,” Bunsey says.

With renewable propane on the horizon, the future looks even brighter. While quantities are limited currently, volume is expected to increase as major suppliers buy in.

“There’s renewable propane that’s being delivered today that has at-the-source carbon intensity of about 11,” he says.

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