Here’s a novel concept: Pop-up factories that build modular homes near planned developments to speed up construction and save transportation costs.

As describes them, these operations work like this:

“Pop-up factories are portable facilities that can be quickly set up and dismantled in different locations to support construction projects. These factories leverage the benefits of modular construction, which involves the fabrication of building components in a controlled environment and their subsequent assembly on-site. By bringing the manufacturing process closer to the construction site, pop-up factories streamline the production and delivery of modular elements, saving time, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency,” writes offsite construction expert Gary Fleisher.

Being nimble like this, developers could deploy these facilities where needed to quickly address housing shortages. With propane as a portable fuel source, pop-up factories would also have space heating and power for appliances and equipment. Plus, the homes they build could also be equipped with propane appliances. That way builders wouldn’t be limited to areas with natural gas.

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